Summer Camp By The Numbers

There’s a reason it’s called ‘feedback’; it’s because we’re hungry for it. No other source of information is used more significantly to enhance and improve our summer camp programs than our camper and parent surveys. Speaking of which… are you a camp parent? Have you filled out the parent survey? Click HERE to complete it!

In planning for Summer Camp 2016, we spent countless hours reviewing all of the camper evaluations from 2015 to see what we could change that would make the greatest impact. We found that in 2015 it seemed like the campers were hungry for new experiences, so we delivered in what we hoped was a big way. The surveys led to many tweaks for this past summer, but the additions of a Giant Swing, 9 Square in the Air, Human Foosball, and a dock in our Swimming Hole were attempts at improving the experience.

NaCoMe Summer Games

Now it’s time to see how we did with the changes. The following is a listing of questions on the camper surveys and what the positive response rate was for each one. These numbers are the combination of the weekly results of all of our week-long programs.


“I felt closer to God at camp” – 95.15%

“I felt accepted by my counselor” – 97.58%

“I tried something new while I was at camp” – 97.58%

“I will use the things I learned at camp when I return home” – 96.97%

“I enjoyed the activities at camp” – 99.39%

“I learned something new about God at camp” – 95.15%

“I made new friends at camp” – 100% (wow!)

“I enjoyed the food at camp” – 92.73%


And the real test of our experience…

“Because of camp, I want to grow closer to God at home” – 96.36%


Overwhelmingly positive responses. We noticed tremendous steps forward in surveys on the “enjoyed activities” question, especially if we look deeper into the numbers that show many more campers strongly agreeing versus somewhat agreeing this year as opposed to last year.

And, for the big question at the end, we were excited to see that the summer camp experience was encouraging growth after camp. The program is obviously fun, but our goal is to use the fun and the friends in order to lead campers into a deeper experience of faith.

NaCoMe Campers

All in all, these numbers aren’t the complete picture, but they do give a snapshot of a fantastic summer. We hope you and your camper agree, and here’s another reminder to fill out your parent survey to give us your perspective.

We’re off to work on moving all these numbers even higher for next summer.

See you next year,