About NaCoMe Camp & Retreat Center

NaCoMe Camp & Retreat Center is a Christian ministry of both the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee and the Presbytery of the Mid-South.

We offer camp and retreat experiences to a wide range of people and groups throughout the year. Located in the Western Highland Rim in Pleasantville, Tennessee, NaCoMe boasts over 600 acres of pristine rivers and valleys.

With plenty of lodging and meeting spaces nestled amongst the beautiful scenery, NaCoMe is a home-away-from-home for countless people across the Southeast. From traditional overnight summer camps to church or youth retreats, college orientations and football camps, NaCoMe offers exceptional outdoor experiences a unique sense of community.

NaCoMe History

Four girls posing for a photo at Summer Camp - NaCoMe Christian Camp History

Formerly known as Beaver Dam Springs Resort, NaCoMe was purchased by the Synod of the Presbyterian Church and was incorporated as NaCoMe in 1940. The name, “Na-Co-Me,” comes from the three presbyteries that shared the property at that time: Nashville, Columbia, and Memphis. Today, those presbyteries have converged to form the Middle Tennessee and the Mid-South Presbyteries.

NaCoMe Camp and Retreat Center has nearly 80 years of camping tradition and a proud history of providing summer camp experiences for youth of all ages. Campers across generations call NaCoMe a home away from home and a place of spiritual refreshment. Our summer camp program is built on the three pillars of our mission: building community, connecting with God, and renewing spirits.

Since 1940, countless people and programs have come and gone, but our traditions remain strong, tying together the many generations that have called NaCoMe their refuge and their home away from home.