Meet Our Team

We are fortunate to have an incredible team of staff. With experience in and outside camp and retreat ministries, this team works together to achieve NaCoMe's mission under the support and direction of our Board of Governors. 

NaCoMe Staff

Ryan "Flash" Moore

Ryan, known as "Flash" to campers, supervises all staff, and is the best person to talk to about programming, donations, or the general ministry of NaCoMe. 

Debra Tanner
Food Service Coordinator

Debra runs the food service operation at NaCoMe, creating fresh, made-from-scratch meals that enhance the experience. She's passionate about what a good meal can do for people.

Sam Moore
Director of Operations

Sam keeps NaCoMe moving; she's in charge of retreats and finances. If you want to know more about coming to NaCoMe, she's the person to get in touch with. 


Geena “Syd” Antley
Program Coordinator

Geena (or “Syd”) helps to facilitate the programming at NaCoMe and is our summer camp registrar. From summer camp to youth retreats and hosting groups on weekends, she's heavily involved in our ministry. 


Nate Gisewite
Maintenance Director

With a facility more than 75 years old, Nate stays busy keeping the buildings and grounds in top shape. His day doesn't seem to be as good if he doesn't get his hands dirty.