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Crafting the Camper Experience


What does crafting the camper experience mean? At NaCoMe, our summer staff spend nearly two weeks in an intense training designed to build the bonds of a Christian community. With that community built, we engage our campers and groups intentionally. We craft the experience in the way we lead, coach, interact and serve our campers and summer groups through activities, worship, games, and devotions.

Serving on Summer Staff at NaCoMe is a challenge. No job is easy, and no day is simple. But, out of the challenge comes a great reward. Life-long friends and memories are guaranteed from a summer spent at NaCoMe.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Have questions? Contact Ryan at or call (931) 729-9723.


Senior Staff must be 18 years old. Junior Counselors must be 17. We prefer applicants to have completed one year of college. Experience at NaCoMe and in the camp industry is a plus but is certainly not necessary to apply or serve. There are options to serve either a half-summer (into the month of July) or the whole summer (through mid-August). 

We're looking for staff in these roles:



Counseling staff are the bread and butter of our program. Counselors are in charge of a single group of up to 7 campers each week and spend their time leading them through the schedule of activities, meals, worship, and devotions. Counselors are usually paired together into mixed gender family groups that spend the week together. While certainly a challenging role, counselors spend the most time engaging with campers and have the largest impact on the experience. When retreat groups are using camp, the counseling staff serve as the program leaders and lead activities for groups.

Support Staff:

Support staff is a broad category that can include multiple positions, but all the positions share one theme: supporting the program. Usually these staff members will not have their own group of campers. Just a few examples of Support Staff: Leadership Staff oversee some daily aspects of the camp program, Recreation Staff may facilitate certain activities that require specialized training (high ropes, lifeguarding), Photographers and Videographers communicate what's going on in our mission through images, Worship Leaders support through providing music at worship and beyond. Each year, our support staff group is different; it all depends on the skills and abilities of our applicants and what that summer needs. If you have a specialized skill, we invite you to apply.

NaCoMe Counselors

applications for Summer 2019 are open!