What It's Like to Work at NaCoMe

We've got a guest post today! Hopps, a member of the 2017 Summer Staff shares about her experience serving. 


This was my first year working at a summer camp, and it was a dream. The mission statement of Camp NaCoMe is to engage all people to build community, connect with God, and renew spirits. I can truthfully say that I experienced all of these in the time I worked there this summer. The very first day of staff training I realized that Camp NaCoMe has one of the best communities I have ever been a part of. Everyone is so welcoming. The staff made intentional conversations with me and included me in the group as if they had known me for years. The atmosphere of NaCoMe is so uplifting and encouraging. Instead of one of competition or drama, NaCoMe has an atmosphere of helping and prioritizing group goals.

As a staff member at camp, it’s not just us giving to the kids, it's also the kids giving to us. I didn’t know that was going to happen at first. The Lord told me to pay attention, listen, and to keep an open mind. Going in with that mindset, the kids that were placed in my cabin throughout the weeks of summer taught me so much about loving others. The children showed me that the most important thing is showing and receiving the Father's love. Working at camp renewed my spirit in the simplest, but most impactful way—through love.


Not only are there wonderful people at NaCoMe, but the camp itself is beautiful. It is perfectly engineered to let one experience new things, such as human foosball, the rock wall, and zip lining. As wonderful as all of those man-made attractions are, they pale in comparison to the beauty of God's creation found at NaCoMe. We are still surrounded by gorgeous trees, trickling streams, and the refreshingly cool swimming hole.

On Tuesday nights during summer camp, we did something called "home in the woods" where we would go into the woods with our campers and camp out. This was by far the most memorable thing about camp for me. During the campout, we have the opportunity to get away from the distractions of the world, have community with each other, and get to be more in touch with God by being surrounded by His creation.

 I am super thankful for NaCoMe. Working there this summer gave me new friendships, fond memories, and growth in the Lord.

- Hopps


The success of our summer camp is dependent upon our summer staff. We were extremely lucky to have people like Hopps with us this past summer. Camp doesn't happen without our counselors, worship leaders, and the rest of our summer staff.