Summer Camp 2017 By The Numbers

One of the most important things we do at NaCoMe is measure our results. Like any company or organization, we want to know if we’re meeting our goals. One of our primary tools in evaluating and measuring our summer camp program is the camper survey. Every camper completes one on the last day of camp. And here are some of the most notable results from this summer.


The Foundation:
98.46% Felt accepted by their counselor and their group.
97.95% Made new friends at camp.
99.49% Felt closer to God at camp.

These questions are the bedrock of a NaCoMe camp experience. We build a community of acceptance for all campers, fostering dynamics that encourage making new friends. In doing so, we’re inviting campers to explore the nature of God and his desire to be in relationship with us.

The Program:
99.49% Enjoyed the activities at camp.
95.90% Tried something new at camp.
89.74% Liked getting away from technology while at camp.

These questions tell us about the nuts and bolts of our schedule, and are pretty straightforward except for that last one. This year, we included a technology question honestly expecting to get low scores. As technology becomes ever more integrated into our daily lives, we hold a firm belief in the magic and simplicity of a tech-free experience, and we’re pleasantly surprised to see a strong majority of our campers agree.


Taking It Home:
96.92% Said camp is the best or one of the best weeks of their summer.
98.46% Grew in their faith at camp.
96.41% Said they want to grow closer to God at home because of their camp experience.

The camp experience is not designed to be an insular, one-time thing. We want the sparks of camp to inspire change in campers’ lives back home. These questions are- to us- the most important. The power of camp is that it’s sticky- it lasts long after the week of camp is over.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about these results is that they are more than numbers. Each of these statistics is a story; a real, human story being written right now. We’re humbled by these results and thankful that we got to be a small part of the story of these campers this summer.

Until the next chapter at NaCoMe,

Ryan “Flash” Moore