A New Trail Gives Us A Reason To Thank Our Volunteers

If you've been to NaCoMe recently, you know that we've had a surge of renovations and additions to our program and facilities. And while we say it a lot, we can't stress enough how important volunteers have been to the whole process. There is no way we could have done it all ourselves. NaCoMe is beyond grateful for every individual that volunteers to help. Rachel Barnes was one of the volunteers that NaCoMe was fortunate to have volunteer her time working with us this past summer. Rachel is a girl scout, and she chose NaCoMe as the location for her Gold Award project. Rachel, her father, and her friends spent over eighty hours constructing a new trail that NaCoMe is thrilled to have. Here’s what Rachel had to say about building the trail she named Sunnyside Up.

“To build Sunnyside Up, I first laid out the design then hiked the area with a few people to scope out an appropriate place to put a trail. Next, I convinced a group of friends to come and help build the trail with me. We started by working on what would be the beginning and end of the trail first. We weed whacked, sprayed round-up, raked, and moved logs. It took over eighty hours of hard work, but we were able to create a trail that will be easy for families to hike and is surrounded by gorgeous scenes of nature.

Sunnyside Up starts by the upper lake and loops around to end at the Rec Field. It is a moderate level trail that goes for about 2 miles and took me 45 minutes to walk. The trail is steep in the beginning, levels out at the top, and then goes back down at the end. We put in foot holds as well as wooden planks for guidance in the steeper parts to help hikers easily walk up and down the hills. The trail is marked with bright orange spray paint on trees and rocks along the way. Sunnyside Up was a wonderful experience to build and I cannot wait to see people using it. Plus, you can get cell-phone service when you are at the top of the trail!”


Sunnyside Up is a fun new trail that helps us make use of the beautiful scenery to be found at NaCoMe. We are excited that this trail allows people to experience and explore even more of the amazing 600 acres of which NaCoMe is composed. Thank you again to Rachel and to everyone who has volunteered here. We would not be what we are without your help.