Enrolled Is Not Registered: a guide to our new registration software

We are happy to announce that we are using a new registration software for summer camp this year. After evaluating our needs in the fall of last year, we decided a switch would allow us to serve you better. It should make the registration process easier for you as a parent, especially when you come back to register next year or if you are registering multiple campers. However, as with all new things, there are a few changes and features that we would like you to be aware of. Here are just a few of the highlights.

First, you will need to create a new login for the registration system. We can’t carry over information from our old software. It will be important to remember your login, because there are several helpful items you will want to go back to for reference. Don’t worry though…if you forget your login information, we can easily look it up for you. 

After enrolling your first camper, the system will take you to the main Dashboard. This is basically your home screen. This is also the screen you will be taken to when you sign back into the registration system. The Dashboard has a lot of information on it that is very helpful to you. The sections include:

Campers: Shows each camper you have associated with your account. You can change any information for this camper or add a new camper from this section. 

Contacts: Shows any parents, guardians, or emergency contacts listed for the camper. Again, you can change contact information here or add additional contacts.

Enrollment: Shows the enrollment for the camper selected in the “Campers” section. This section displays the dates and camp chosen, as well as the registration status. This section must say “Registered” for the registration to be complete.  If this section says “Enrolled,” registration for this camper is not yet complete and your camper’s spot is not being held. Keep reading to figure out how to correct this.

Financial: Shows all charges, payments, and discounts for the selected camper. Most campers that are enrolled instead of registered just haven’t paid yet. You can make a payment from this section so that your camper will be registered, and have their spot reserved. You can easily see the registration balance and any money you have designated for the camper’s Camp Store (or Canteen) account. $10 toward the camp store is included in each registration for week-long programs, and $4 is included for each weekend registration. Most campers have about $20 to start the camp week, meaning parents usually add $10 for the campers to buy snacks, drinks, shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.

Notifications: This section is very helpful in figuring out any issues with your camper’s registration. If an issue is displayed, it will include the resolution to it. 

Forms: This section has two different sections within it. The first are “Online Forms”, which can be filled out online. The Camper Profile Sheet and Parent Authorization are required to complete registration. The Camper Medical Information Form and Medications Taken Form can be filled out at a later date, but we request that these are filled out at least 2 weeks before your camper’s time at NaCoMe. You will no longer need to fill out a paper medical form or get a doctor’s signature to come to camp (hooray!). The second area of this section is “Download Forms”. Here you can find printable documents, such as a packing list and other important information about camp.

Optional Items: This section allows you to change or add any cabin mate requests that your camper may have. We only allow one cabin mate request to ensure successful group dynamics for every camper.

Again, we hope that this new system will make the registration process easier for you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in the process or if you have any issues. We look forward to seeing you and your camper this summer!

You can reach me at or 931.729.9723 with questions.

-Sam Moore, Camp Registrar