Director's Corner - October 2017

Director's Corner

There are a number of small requests we get each weekend when we’re hosting. From a light bulb that goes out to maybe a toilet that keeps running, there are normally just a few small things that we’re asked to take care of during retreat season. It’s all normal stuff, and we’re prepared to handle it. But a few weekends ago, I got a unique request. One retreat guest asked for a rake. I was confused at first and tried to quickly think of what he could need a rake for. Before I could even ask, the guest said he wanted to volunteer to rake some of the freshly fallen leaves from the labyrinth. I offered to help, but he refused; he wanted to rake the leaves himself as a service to NaCoMe.  


It was one of those moments where the stewardship of this ministry comes full circle. Our staff all work hard to expand our reach and get new people out to NaCoMe, and to provide a high-quality experience while they’re here. But occasionally that can feel like a large task for a small group of people. And then, as if it were words coming from on high, someone asks for a rake and in doing so, insists on joining our team. 

With November beginning tomorrow,  I’m eager to share some new ways in which you can join us in continuing the growth of this ministry. NaCoMe is special to so many people, and we couldn’t be more thankful for how many hands we have that are all willing to - literally and figuratively - grab their rakes. 

-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director