Director's Corner - November 2017

Director's Corner

You know that thing in award shows like the Oscars or the Grammys where they play music as a not-so-subtle cue to whoever is accepting the award that it's time to leave the stage? I'm torn on it. I get it in the sense that, as a viewer, I don't care to listen to someone rattle off names of people I've never heard of. Let's just keep this whole thing moving so I can find out who wins Best Whatever. But on the other hand, I do appreciate that these people receiving the awards are aware that there is a multitude of other people that have put them in position to receive such an award. 


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I know that NaCoMe could thank people until the music starts, the whole song plays, and through the whole commercial break. Just this week, we started work on transforming the site where the Upper Lodge used to sit into a gathering place for groups (complete with the original stone fireplace). That project involves work from our staff, donors, volunteers, and third party vendors. All of those people deserve our thanks. And that's just one project. 

I use the phrase "community of support" often, but it's true. NaCoMe is incredibly fortunate to have so many people that care. Sam and I are continually humbled by how broad and consistent and faithful that community is. So this Thanksgiving, we're thankful to be at NaCoMe, where staff, donors, volunteers, campers, parents, community leaders, schools, businesses and more are all part of this ministry. And while tomorrow is the day for celebration, we're going to keep doing our best to share our gratitude anytime people will listen. We just hope the music doesn't cut us off...


-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director