Director's Corner - May 2018

Director's Corner

The first day of staff training is always exciting around NaCoMe. Not only are we greeting a group of young people that will learn and grow from our training, we're also about to "learn our soup" over the next couple of weeks. 


Many summer staff (and many camps) view staff training as a time of learning from the year-round staff. Things like camper safety, how to run activities, and all the things that go into pulling off the weeks of camp. At NaCoMe, we know it's more than that. 

We talk about "learning our soup" during staff training. While we certainly do plenty of teaching, we are also always seeking out the gifts and abilities this unique group of people brings to the mix. These are their ingredients, and the whole group is our soup. Every year, the soup is different because the ingredients are different. 
Staff training is off to a great start, but I'm excited to see what unknown ingredients this group will bring with them - and what this summer's soup will be.

-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director