Director's Corner - March 2018

Director's Corner

I remember celebrating Easter as a kid, and as I grew up I remember starting to connect the dots on what Holy Week was. But until very recently, I was unaware that Easter itself was not actually part of Holy Week (it begins the season known as Eastertide which leads to Pentecost). Before I knew this, the fundamental importance of "those other days" of Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday) was a product of Easter. All of these days are only worth celebrating because Easter followed them on Sunday. 

While in a logical sense the resurrection of Jesus validates the holiness of these previous days, the fact that Holy Week doesn't include Easter is a good reminder of where God is at work in our lives. Imagine the roller coaster of emotion that week must have been for Jesus' disciples. From triumphant entry to the bewildering crucifixion, and everything in between, I'm not sure there's an emotion missing from the spectrum. And yet, we call this Holy Week. We call all of it- the full range of human emotion- holy. 


It's tempting to celebrate only the triumphs of Palm Sunday and Easter and to view the other days as evils necessary only so that Easter can occur. But it's the mess in the middle we call Holy Week, and the mess in the middle is where we spend most our time. So as we celebrate together, here's your reminder to find what's holy in the middle. Find what's holy and sacred in the journey, not just the destination. 

-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director