Director's Corner - July 2018

Director's Corner

There's a scene in the movie Gladiator where Russell Crowe's character, Maximus, is rallying his troops. Before his Roman centurions battle the army from Germania, he is giving them one final inspirational speech. Facing the inevitability that many of his men will die, Maximus encourages them to hold the line with him, because "what we do in life echoes in eternity." It's one of my favorite movie quotes, and while NaCoMe isn't fighting any wars, it's still true for us here.


I had the privilege of catching up with a former board member this past weekend while he was here with his church. He asked specifically about a number of projects and decisions that the board made during his tenure, and it was fascinating to connect the dots between his actions as a board member decades ago and where NaCoMe is today. His actions, along with the actions of many others, are echoing today. We work hard at NaCoMe to make each meal, each cabin, and each program the best it can be, but our work today is only possible because of the wise decisions of so many other people that have been stewards of this ministry before us.

If you're one of those people- donors, staff, volunteers, board members, retreat hosts, or so many others- know that your work is echoing today. And whether you're one of those people or not, it's never to late to make our work echo louder. Join us and let's make some noise together.

-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director