Director's Corner - January 2018

Director's Corner

I know I say it a lot, but NaCoMe is a special place. And not because of the creek or the lake or the trees; it’s because of the people. As the new year has kicked off, we've been setting goals for ourselves, and I wanted to share a quick comparison that illustrates how special NaCoMe truly is:

I was working at a camp in Texas planning summer programs, and I was having a conversation with a couple of board members about setting goals for attendance. When I first presented the goal of growing by 10%, they both thought it was an unreasonable number. The camp had been losing campers each summer, and I admitted it was a bold goal, but certainly not unattainable. They both countered by saying how busy kids are these days and how the local churches don't have as many kids as they used to. These are fair points, but I was a bit confused by the logic and surprised at the lack of belief in the program. If camp really has the benefits for participants that we claim: learning how to make friends outside social media, getting time away from screens, exploring God’s creation, challenging themselves, and ultimately deepening their faith, what option do we have other than to set bold goals? 


Contrast that with NaCoMe and with all the people reading this newsletter. Last year we set the bold goal of growing camp attendance by that same 10%. And sure, we did a lot of marketing work here, but I can’t tell you how many calls we got from people who heard about NaCoMe from you all. You told your neighbors, your coworkers, your families, and beyond because you believe in the good that camp can do for every camper. It’s a proven social science that referrals are more powerful than any advertisement by the company. So it’s a testament to your belief in the power of camp that last year, we grew by more than 20%! 

So this year, I’m asking for your help again. We’re setting the goal of another 10% growth. I know you're a believer, so who will you share NaCoMe with?

-Ryan "Flash" Moore, Director