Be Involved

February 11, 2018 is Camp and Conference Center Sunday in the Presbyterian Church. This Sunday affords churches the opportunity to show appreciation to a ministry that has so many meanings and opportunities:  

  • to be in God’s creation
  • to retreat from the business of the world
  • to develop relationships full of diversity and significance
  • for restoration and renewal
  • for leadership
  • for self-development
  • for connections, covenant, and communion all centered around Jesus

The list goes on and on. We hope that you and your congregation would join us in celebrating the vital role that Camp and Conference (or Retreat) Centers can play in the spiritual lives of those who attend. Listed below are ways in which you can help us grow our ministry this Camp and Conference Center Sunday. 

how you can help:

There is quite a bit that can be done for Camp and Conference Sunday; promotion by your church of your local Camp and Conference Center, asking members of your congregation for testimony about influential experiences they have had at camp,  donations to a Camp and Conference Center, or a worship service focused on the ministry of NaCoMe and other camps are all extremely helpful.


We know it would be asking a lot of you to compose your own liturgy for Camp and Conference Sunday, so we've done it for you. With this year’s Camp and Conference Sunday falling on Transfiguration Sunday, a meaning we feel that envelopes all of the opportunities of how camp and conference ministry can be significant in someone’s life is transformation. When someone comes to a camp or retreat at NaCoMe, seeds are planted by our God that have inspired countless transforming moments. The button below provides a liturgy that may be helpful to look at and pick bits and pieces that you and your church would feel comfortable including in your Sunday worship service.


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (931) 729-9723 or email Ryan (